About Us - An Introduction

The champagne was drank, the thank you notes written, the dress was packed neatly in a box and even our tan from the Hawaiian sun has faded. Something that took a year and a half to plan was over in a mere 12 hours.
We have officially been married for two months (to the day actually!) And while compared to a number of celebrity marriages ours may seem like eternity, we realize that by normal relationship standards, this is by no means a long time. In fact, in terms of forever we promised each other on wedding day, two months is barely a single drop of water in an extremely large bucket.
But, as we settle into who does which household chore or discover some “unique” personal habits we never knew about one another, we are starting to figure out what it REALLY means to be married. We are starting to learn that one person snores and the other one tends to forget to turn clothes rightside out. These are the little everyday adventures that make up the life we've always dreamed of...a life together.

Okay, I promise this blog will not be about every time Mr. I is sickeningly sweet and remembers to turn on the coffee pot on a Saturday morning. In fact, we see a few purposes for this blog. These include, but are not limited to, a journal, a commentary on relationships in today's society, a reflection on the changes marriage brings in one's life, a place to discuss the issues young couples face each day and how we went about solving them (whether or not we handled the situation the correct way is completely up to you.) It is a look into how we define (and continuously look to find) our own little part of "happily ever after."